why us?

Integria Consulting presents a different business model for the recruiting industry.

We partner with our corporate and candidate clients, and as a true partner, we promise you integrity and transparency. And, in return, we ask the same of you.

Our Promise

For our corporate clients, we will...

  • Do the needed research to ensure only top caliber candidates - because quality trumps quantity every time.
  • Give you more decision-making tools, including detailed candidate reports with interview notes, strengths & limitations, and recommendations.
  • Assess the entire interview process matching not just skill but personality, ensuring the perfect corporate match.
  • Provide ongoing status reports - so you know exactly what we're doing for you.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest by conducting 3rd party references and personality assessments.

For our candidates, we will...

  • Treat you with complete respect and do not discriminate on any level.
  • Give you as much information about the client and the position as we possibly can.
  • Provide feedback from clients as soon as we have it.
  • Vet our clients, and not work with any that have inequitable policies or high turnover due to poor corporate culture.
  • Work with you to determine whether the opportunity is an ideal fit with your personality, talents and abilities.

Our Expectations

From our corporate clients, we expect...

  • To work on an exclusive basis for anywhere between 30 to 60 days.
  • A good corporate culture with low turnover, no discriminatory practices and respect for its employees.
  • Transparency around why the position is open, challenges in the role and growth opportunities.
  • Timely feedback following candidate presentations.

From our candidates, we expect...

  • Honesty and full-disclosure about your work history.
  • Fairness - don't play our corporate client against your current employer for more money. We don't play games.
  • Open discussion on any issues or considerations that might affect you in a new position.
  • Timely feedback after an interview.
  • You to be an engaged and an active part of the interview process. (And, we can help you with this!)