Integria Consulting goes beyond offering recruiting and HR solutions; we form partnerships, build bridges and develop relationships.

More than simply identifying candidate abilities and attitudes, Integria takes a big picture approach. We conduct a strategic examination of our corporate clients' culture, position expectations and package offer, and compare that to candidates' qualifications, skills, personality and needs.

And, by getting to know both our candidates and our clients so completely, Integria ensures the perfect corporate match.

Whether it is a local, national or North America-wide search, our team of experienced professionals can help guide your company or organization through the "Integria Big Picture Process" which includes:

Corporate Client Consulting

You know that qualifications and skills don't guarantee the perfect candidate. That's why Integria digs deeper, and analyzes your corporate culture, hiring policies, job requirements and performance expectations.

Comprehensive Candidate Search

Through Integria's internal database of exceptional talent, extensive networks and referrals, online tools and cutting-edge technology, we start with superior candidate choices to ensure that you get unparalleled quality talent from the very beginning.

Research & Recruiting

In addition to our internal database, networks and online tools, Integria actively researches and recruits top talent from your industry or similar industries, through directories, competition and niche sources. During our candidate search, research and recruiting process, your organization gets ongoing reports showing exactly what is being done on your behalf.

Interviews & Assessments

Because we meet and interview every potential candidate beforehand, we present only the candidates that best meet your every criteria and would work well within your organization. You are provided with complete profiles with interview evaluations, strengths and limitations, and our recommendations.

3rd Party Assessments

To avoid conflict of interest, we coordinate third-part reference and background checks as well as personality assessments. You are provided with trustable third-party assessments and our recommendations.

Hiring & Follow-up

Integria guides both our corporate and our candidate clients through the steps leading up to an employment offer, as well as post-employment follow-up. For corporate and candidate clients, we provide advice and recommendations during the hiring and termination process. As well, we check-in at regular intervals to ensure seamless integration for both parties.

Contact us today to see what Integria Consulting can do for your company's candidate search at 514-583-5408 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.