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Corporate Matchmaking

Welcome to a new way of talent mining and acquistion.

Our team leverages expertise and experience to bring insight, innovation and unparalleled value to every client assignment. We’ve developed a solid reputation of acquiring talent for a variety of roles in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Operations. Our goal is to match the right people to the right position and to ensure fit across the team and the organization. Our clients are always assured that both their business and career goals are achieved. Learn more about our recruitment solutions.

integria consulting - building relationships

Building Relationships

We know that hiring talent isn't just about finding the right skills sets, it's about building relationships. Integria Consulting partners with both our candidates and corporate clients to understand both parties' needs and goals.


integria consulting - focused human capital

Focused Human Capital

Matching the best and the brightest with your company's vision, gives your company an edge - the power of a focused human capital to produce the results that matter. And, assuring our candidates of a quality opportunity ensures job satisfaction and company loyalty.